JACLYN is the fruition of a promise fulfilled. Picture it: laying in a hospital bed, staring out the window, the world happening everywhere but your sterile room. Despite the Hodgkin’s Lymphoma diagnosis, you tell yourself that if you ever get a clean bill of health, your soul will swim with music every moment thereafter. That you will dedicate your life to music completely. That is exactly what survivor, JACLYN, did. The result? Her vital new self-titled EP.

When you look death in the eye, you learn a few things; you strengthen a few core muscles. The Staten Island-born songwriter, therefore, is equipped for whatever her fortuitous future holds. JACLYN is emboldened by an irreverent voice, a defiant spirit. Her DNA is Fiona Apple mixed with Camila Cabello, HEART with Elle King. She can wash over a ballroom of dancers in finery. She can strike the mind of a person leaning against the gym wall in a hoodie.

The 26-year-old JACLYN doesn’t satisfy easily. Unhappy with the oft-pre-programmed digital sound many in her generation fall back to, she sought live instrumentation on her new record. At times, the album feels as if she has an army of grunge greats behind her. JACLYN will release the nuanced record this summer. Proceeds from the project will go toward the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. And with the release comes this message: Whether it’s cancer, depression or another affliction, you can regain the strength to live in full again.


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