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Why Get Placement In Film & TV?

The traditional avenues of artist exposure have vanished: syndicated radio is gone, large labels purveying amazing live talent is a thing of the past, “artist development” is an archaic term, and inviting your friends and family to see you play at a one-time iconic venue leaves you playing for the bartender. So how do new artists get exposure and grow significant fan base.

Two decades ago, “music supervisor” was an unheard-of position in the credits of films; now music supervisors are picked up in limos and taken to awards shows, celebrated as the gatekeepers of artist success, and seen as the new filters of real talent. They even have a guild! Do you know them? We do! You have taken the time to write industry-standard music worthy of placement in film and TV, but can you get it placed? We know how! We can help you gain the exposure and success your music may be able to command: the only way to find out is to submit it!

It’s in Our DNA

Our company has the industry ears, knows the ins and outs, and is immersed in a network of powerful music industry mobilizers. We aren’t just music business professionals; we are musicians, first and foremost. We know the struggle and have key relationships with humble, down-to-earth industry professionals who love to see outstanding artists succeed!

Our Terms, Not Theirs

Our team of entertainment attorneys knows how to defend your music and maximize your earning potential. We don’t meet the terms of agreements set forth by marginal budgetary constraints; we have the budgets approved to meet the margin your music deserves. If you get accepted into our catalog, we will share your creation like it’s our very own. We know your music is the height of your creative ability and passion, and we represent it as such! We look forward to you smiling when you get your checks!

Your Rights Come First in Your Non-Exclusive Licensing

Historically, the music industry has marginalized and is even criminal toward artists. While the industry today continues to be litigious, we have your rights first and foremost in our straightforward agreement: it’s your music, you wrote it, and no one else did, so the earnings will be yours to reap!

We offer you a non-exclusive deal that leaves your ownership 100% intact: when you sign with us, you are free to sign a non-exclusive agreement with anyone else. In fact, we encourage it! The more success your music has, the better it is for all involved with your material. Our philosophy is to have you succeed with us or anyone else and to let bidding wars for your material maximize your earnings.

We Want to See You Succeed…

You can only submit music whose masters and publishing you own or control for the three-year term and the renewal term. You must hold current registration as a writer with ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC. If you reside outside of the United States, you have to be registered with your country’s performance rights organization. If you submit music with cowriters, those cowriters have to be registered with ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC and own their own publishing as well; if cowriters reside outside of the United States, they have to be registered with their country’s performance rights organization. As long as you own or control the masters and publishing of music you would like to submit, and you and your cowriters (if any) own the publishing as well, and you are registered with a PRO, you can sign the agreement for submission to our catalogue. If you or your cowriters have an exclusive administration deal for your publishing with a publisher like Bug Music, Cherry Lane, TuneCore (publishing, not digital distribution services), EBA Online, or another publishing entity with which you signed an exclusive deal, we cannot accept your music or represent it in our catalogue, as that would violate your contract with the publisher that wholly owns your publishing. Our best advice is to wait until you are out of an exclusive contract and only sign non-exclusive deals like ours so you are more mobile. If you or your cowriters have a full or copublishing agreement with another publisher, we cannot represent your catalogue.

… With Us

Your complete ownership of copyrights in master recording or the composition remains 100% yours. It is your music to start with, and it will stay that way!

Our terms and your deal with Providence Music Group won’t prevent you from remaining mobile with your music.

Your agreement only enables us to present your music to our network of music industry professionals, work on terms, and secure its non-exclusive use and exposure.

We will send you 50% of all income we achieve together as we place your music!

ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, or any other PRO you belong to will pay you 100% of your writer’s performing rights royalty for any placement we secure for you.

The length of the agreement is three years. If you love us like we think you will, the agreement will automatically renew for another three years; if for any reason you’re unhappy with us, just send us a termination notice sixty days prior to expiration so we have time to take your music down!

Our music industry professionals need your music with lyrics and without (to go under dialogue). If there is any profanity, we will need a clean version. You must sign a contract for each version of a song you submit.

Every artist is special, so everyone gets treated the same! No matter who you are, what you’ve done, or where you’ve been, we offer the same non-negotiable contract to all.

Before moving on



Be sure that you do NOT have an EXCLUSIVE publishing agreement elsewhere. You cannot submit music with us if you have an exclusive deal elsewhere.



If you are not currently signed up with a PRO (Performing Rights Organization) such as ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc… please go do so now! You cannot submit music without belonging to a PRO. It is quick, go now!

3) Take time to read our


Again, take time to read the FAQ documentation here. You will be glad you did, as the next step in submitting music is to fill out a form that may take 20 minutes! And that form will be converted into a contract that you will digitally sign.

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